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Understanding Properites of Your GeoJSON Features in Krata

Learn about measures and custom properties in Krata to manage your GeoJSON features

Properties of your GeoJSON features are data that helps you to add more information regarding the objects on map. Krata has an exceptional ability to edit, add, or remove properties for the features on your map. Krata provides two types of properties, Default Properties or Measurements and Custom Properties.

Default Properties / Measures

When seeing features on map, having additional real world measurements regarding the shapes helps better understand and read maps. With Krata, you can get the following information by default about the shapes on your map!

For LineStrings, and MultiLineString, you will be able to see the total length/distance of the line in KMs. For Polygons, Total Area in Sq.KMs and the perimeter of the polygon in KMs. Krata will also include the appearence information such as the line colours, and fill colours in the properties as well.

All the above mentioned measures will be calculated on the fly whenever you edit or update your shapes and will be included in all the GeoJSON exports that you do from Krata.

Custom Properties

Custom properties are properties that you can include additionaly about your features. You can include any sort of information regarding your object, be it strings, numbers or boolean values. You can simply click on the + icon in the sidebar after selecting your object to add new custom properties. Or, simply click on the listed custom properties to edit the key or value of the property.

By default, Krata will export all the custom properties along with the calculated measures in every GeoJSON export from Krata. If your imported GeoJSON files have properties, Krata will be able to automatically pick them up and help you manage them under the custom properties option.

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