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Introducing Krata, Map Making Made Easy For Everyone!

Making maps shouldn't be hard, we're trying to make it easy and fun with Krata

Today we are announcing the official launch of Krata. Started as a tiny side project to help making maps, and visualizing data easily on the web, now it's the home for all your GeoSpatial data. Starting today, Krata is open for it's early users to fully utilize all the features for free. Moving forward, we will be introducing collaborative features and ability to invite your entire team.

A new way to design and create maps

We strongly belive web maps shouldn't be just markers on a map. When it comes to different use cases, the type of visualization play a major role in commnicating the idea to the viewer. At the core of Krata, we made customization as one of our powerful feature and it will keep evolving as it grows.

Traditionally most of the powerful GIS applications are native applications, and web apps were either hard to use by general public or was under a huge paywall. With Krata, we want to help making maps as open, easy and collaborative as how figma did it for UI designing.


What's coming up?

In this launch we have built in some of the basic tools you need to get started with managing your geospatial data. As Krata grows, we will be building much more capalities and workflows based on the community feedbacks. If you have ideas or feature requests please feel free to shoot us an email at hello@krata.app!

Happy Map Making!

Cheers, Team Krata.