Everything you need to know about Krata

Getting Started

Krata is a powerful, Web-Based GeoJSON Editor and Map Data Store. Features out of the box abilities to edit, update, store your map data and collaborate with your team, all in one place.

This documentation contains information and videos regarding some of the important features of Krata. For any help or feedback regarding the documentation or the product, please reach out to us or join our Slack community channel.

Learn about workspaces, how to create workspaces and manage members in workspaces

Workspaces →

Learn the basics on how to manage maps and features in Krata maps

Maps →

Learn about managing GeoJSON features or Objects in your maps

Managing Features →

Learn about Krata's powerful drawing tools, thier usage and functionalities

Drawing Tools →

Learn how you can manage feature properties and appearences of objects on the map

Feature Properties →

Feature Appearences →

Learn about importing and Exporting your map files (GeoJSON, CSV, KML) files to and from Krata

Importing Files →

Exporting your Map →